Adult Female Llamas

Our breeding adult female llamas

These are our breeding females, who normally give birth between May and July. We have a wide gene pool, including Roselands, Swiss, Italian , North and  South American bloodlines. More importantly we have some excellent mothers producing stunning crias with lovely temperaments to match !

                                                                                                                                                                                                    In this video , taken in April 2016 , the pregnant females are moving into what will be their birthing paddocks in a few weeks and months time. The cria are due between May and July , so the Mums need to get used to their new pasture in order to pick the right spot for giving birth . The gestation period is 11 and a half months , but the hard work starts once the cria is born as llamas are mammals and a hungry cria takes a lot of feeding , so the summer time provides the best grazing to support both the dam and the offspring .