Training Llamas

llama halter

It doesn't matter if you want ten trekking llamas or just a couple of field pets, if you haven't had any lessons already, then YOU may need some training! Once you know what you're doing, you have a fighting chance of showing your llama what is required of him and how to behave around people. In choosing a basic training course you may be surprised to find that handling methods vary, some just in small detail and some in their whole philosophy. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Camelidynamics, the core principles of which are respect, fun, efficiency and kindness and it has certainly worked for me. I think my llamas appreciate it too! Classes are held in most parts of the UK as well as in Scandinavia, Europe and the United States.

llama training

Once you have a good working relationship with your llama, you may want to expand upon what you have both learnt, whether that be with TTeam training or "clicker training" (see or even driving a cart, also see Terry Crowfoots site, , whatever works for you and your llama!

Husbandry courses are also invaluable as you need to know how to care for your camelid and how to draw up a health plan to include the correct nutrition, a worming and vaccinating programme and learn how to look for any subtle signs of illness or poor thrift as llamas are very stoic animals. We can offer basic training to you when you buy our llamas, such as haltering, leading and obstacles and may be able to recommend more in depth course in your area, and suitable camelid vets close by.