Stud Male Llamas

Our breeding stud male llamas

importing llamas

We currently have 14 breeding stud males on the farm. Benito was imported from a specialist camelid breeder in Switzerland in 2010 , who carefully selects and imports top quality llamas from South America. Tarabucco, and Rubio de Oro joined us the same year , coming from one of Europes top breeders in Northern Italy who also imports many wonderful woolly llamas from Chile.  Also joining us in 2015 from a second importation from Italy were Nahuel del Sur , a proven Argentine stallion originally imported from Chile, and young Limon, born in 2014, whose first cria was born in 2018 . 2016 saw the arrival of two more exciting new prospects, one being Cinzano , an adult llama from Switzerland , who started work that summer, and he has given us some great crias already. The other new import in 2016 was young Samu , just 6 months old at the time , from Italy , and his eagerly awaited first crias will be born in 2019 .2017 saw an exciting importation of 6 llamas from the USA and Canada , including one full and two half Argentines and three suri males who have already given us some great new genetics in our crias of 2018 ! 

young male llama
stud male llamas

Cinzano is the newest recruit to our team , and was kept in an adjacent paddock for his quarantine period , but was able to communicate with the other males over the fences. Nevertheless there were still some adjustments to be made to the pecking order once we opened the gate and let the boys run together !