Welcome to Watertown Llamas

Llama breeder selling Cria and Llamas since 2004

Watertown is a small herd .originally based in North Devon, but recently relocated in West Somerset , of around 35 llamas and their offspring , and was founded in 2005. The herd includes some of the very woolly type known as Tampuli, and in particular, the woolliest of all which are called Lanudas. Our llamas are characterised by hairy ears, fuzzy faces, beards, top knots and bushy eyebrows, with woolly trousers down to the ankles, and tend to be smaller and stockier than the less woolly Ccaras. More recently we have added suri llamas to our breeding team , imported from America and Europe.  In South America woollies are actually more common than the so called “classic” or ccara llama, but still an unusual sight in this country , with suri llamas being very rare indeed. Watertown Llamas are selectively bred not just for their fabulous fleece but also for their good nature and ability to become family pets, trekking llamas , therapy animals and good companions , and we generally have a good selection of llamas to buy.

In 2008, on the retirement of Paul and Judy Rose, 18 Roseland Llamas joined the herd, which was already becoming increasingly woolly. In 2010 we imported two stud males from Switzerland, and ten llamas from Italy in order to widen and improve the genetics in our herd. More recently we have added another 18 Italian llamas, and generally it is the offspring from this foundation herd that we offer for sale, once they are weaned, halter-trained and old enough to leave home. 2017 saw the introduction of another 19 imported llamas from Canada and the Usa , including some beautiful suris , followed on by further imports from Germany Italy and Austria. If you are considering buying llamas then please have a look at our Llamas for Sale page . All our llamas are registered, microchipped and handled using Camelidynamics methods, so please enjoy getting to know them on this website, and also on our Facebook page.